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Driving to K's

...in the rain


Sunny day in Ottawa but as we hit Toronto it started to pour. Bumper to bumper on the 404. We saw a "WATER" truck pass by. Kinda ironic in the rain. We also passed a few motorcylist who were definitely not dressed for the rain. They looked pretty miserable. Glad we were nice and dry in the car. Awesome meal at K's and now I'm all caught up with america's next top model and american idol! Planning details for our trip and crossing our fingers that the ash clouds move the hell out of the way for tomorrow.

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Do I really have to start packing now?


So it's 8:50am. I decided to wake up extra early because I figured I needed more time because I haven't actually started packing yet. But I've been up for an hour now and my suitcase remains empty. Correction, it's still partially full from the last time I used it. Well even though I haven't started packing yet, I've accomplished a lot this morning. I had breakfast, I've had my exercise running up and down the stairs in my house (to and from my computer when I remember something new I can look up), and most importantly I've decided to start a travel blog.

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