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Back in Dublin

...and it's already time to go back home :(

So we looked online and it turns out it was a basking shark that we saw at the begining of our trip.
Trim castle today, where they filmed a lot of Braveheart.
We also went shoe shopping.
And to the Harley Davidson Dublin to get a tshirt for K's dad.
And then picknic in the park.
And then wandering around Dublin.
And then back to Y's and ordered in thai food.
To go out tonight, for our last night or to stay in and veg and be well rested for our morning flight?

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Queen's University


Northern Ireland feels a lot rougher than the republic. In Derry, the houses and streets aren't as polished, there's a lot more grafiti and broken glass around and there's a lot more older guys with their buzz cut hair, track pants and tshirts hanging on the streets. It was interesting to visit Bogside, the heart of where the Troubles happened. A lot of interesting murals. But most people are very friendly and we stayed at a lovely B&B, the Merchant House were we had an awesome full Irish breakfast. From Derry we headed to the nortern cost to see the giant's causeway. Extreemly cool geological formation! Basically a large shoreline made of large stone hexagones. (I'll post all my photos when I get back. I've taken litterally hundreds of photos!....mainly of sheep! lol. )We had a really nice hike, including a substantial stairmaster portion to the top of the cliff lined with yellow flowery bushes. Then we drove to Belfast. We stayed in a cute trendy neighbourhoud near Queen's University! We went for a strole through campus; hard to say which campus is prettier....We saw their Jduc and their PEC, lol. They even write the Q in Queens the exact same way. lol. Had a veggie burger and a huge portion of mash for supper. We decided to have a night on the town so we went to the local club. Weird, weird assortment of music. from pop to music from grease to techno. Even one song where everyone on the dance floor sat down and swayed to the music. Very odd. Had a brief chat with this Irish guy. Usually I find it really easy to undersand the Irish accent, but ocassionally if it's a really strong accent I really need to concentrate to understand it. So take a strong accent mixed with some drinking and trying to talk over the super loud club music and you can picture how tricky it was to chat. lol. I told him I was from Canada and he started miming out a hockey game. And to K "Chelsey? like the football team". And then there was the american guy from our hotel that we were hanging out with who was having a riot making fun of the dancing. So all in all it was fun for a tuesday night.

Went to the Hill of Tara today. An interesting character started talking to us. At one point he even called himself a leprachaun. lol. Anyways, tonight we're at a nice B&B in Trim, we're watching the Britt soap awards that are on tv. The city of Trim is home of Trim castle which we will visit tomorrow before we make our way back to Dublin.

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Northern Ireland

...surprizingly warm out

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Today I'm in Derry.
Over the past few days I've seen the cliffs of Moher. Huge cliffs right on the ocean. Extreemly windy, but beautiful. We drove through conemara national park. Baren lanscapes. Large hills and not many tourists. We stayed at a cute B&B that wasn't exactly open for the season, on a hill in the middle of nowhere. As we were driving in the region, we actually had to stop the car to let sheep cross the road. The sheep are everywhere and are very slow moving. Even over a week into our trip we still point and shriek out 'sheep!' every single time we see some white fluffies as we drive along. We stoped to see some anciant megalithic tombs, the something or other Abbey, the donegal castle, and went dress shopping!
My castle count is proably around 9 or 10 by now, I'm starting to lose track.
My guiness count is pretty pittiful because we've been spending our time touristing around in the nice weather instead of staying in the pubs.
On the other hand my potato count is soaring. yum.
Next up Belfast.

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...the city with Irish hippies.

Already half way done my trip. It's gone by so quickly yet we've packed in so many sights. From Dublin we headed south down to Waterford to visit the waterford crystal factory....but when we got there we found out it was closed...permanently due to the recession. The city wasn't the nicest and we got stuck in the smoking section of a hotel.

... tons of stuff in b/w. I'm only paying for a few minutes of internet, so I'll have to update later.

Right now I'm in Galway. It's a pretty neat city. It's basically west of Dublin. They have a really cool market with fresh produce and crafts.

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In Ireland

... with no signs of rain


Airports took a while, but we finally got to sunny Dublin! Really really cold, but no rain. I can't believe how many people are in tshirts. So glad I brought my coat and gloves. Very windy. We spent today walking around Dublin. The whole downtown area is pretty central. We visited Trinity college, a huge stone university right in the middle of the city. Then there are the shopping areas like Grafton street, and then there's Temple Bar, a pub and entertainment district. Met up with K's old roomate and went to a pub. At two seperate restaurants I ate the best potatoes I've ever eaten in my life!! Y invited us over to her place for a home cooked irish meal. She lives in a really nice modern appartment tucked away behind a main street. Saw a Tim Hortons today!! There are burger kings and subway restaurants everwhere. But also a whole variety of Irish pubs and neat looking stores.

Guinness count: 1
Castle count: 1
Potatoe dishes eaten: mashed, roasted, baby cajun roasted, in irish stew, in beef stew

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